Continuous Improvement / Quality Specialist - Intern

The Internship Program at Greif targets undergraduate students, typically between their Junior and Senior year and is 8-12 weeks in length depending on the needs of the department and/or intern. To encourage networking, relationship building and organizational learning, we will host a number of internship events over the course of the program including, but not limited to educational roundtables, plant tours and philanthropic activities. Interns will also have the opportunity to interact with and present to Greif's Executive Leadership Team.
The Continuous Improvement/Quality Specialist Intern will work with the facility's Quality/Continuous Improvement Manager, Maintenance Manager, and Plant Manager on various safety, quality, and continuous improvement projects. They will utilize lean manufacturing principles to improve various aspects of the operation. Potential projects will involve machinery spare part management, inventory reduction, and process optimization.
Measures customer satisfaction and takes corrective action as appropriate. Implements "just in time" techniques to ensure quality levels remain high and consistent.
Performs periodic testing and documents results for certification and compliance purposes.
Advises and consults with plant management on all continuous improvement and quality/safety related issues (may include environmental related issues).
Develops reports as required by management.
Ensures compliance in the safe handling of hazardous materials and waste.
Coordinates activities with other departments and outside functions.
Incorporates and maintains safety observances, including but not limited to, use of all PPE by employees, ensuring guards and safety features are working, and promoting good daily safety practices and habits.
May be responsible to ensure that the Greif Production System is being effectively deployed throughout the plant, initiate, plan and assist in the execution of improvement activities.
Supports Greif's Center of Excellence by continually improving training modules to teach key lean principles.
Diagnoses and prioritizes opportunities in areas of labor savings, throughput improvement, yield improvement, and other operational cost reductions.
May be required to monitor adherence to established safety standards. Recommends and implements changes as needed.
May assist in training on Lean Manufacturing techniques.
Pursuing bachelor's degree in a related field. Junior or Senior status
Strong Computer skills and ability to do tasks such as importing photos and documents.
Knowledge and ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Working knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, Product/Process Verification activities
Strong work ethic and ability to take initiative
Attention to detail
Punctual attendance
Ability to work independently or as part of a team
Positive and professional attitude

Don't Be Fooled

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